Aromatherapy Therapeutic Relaxing Massage

£25.00- 30 minutes
£45.00 – 60 minutes

Therapeutic Relaxing Massage – Sheer Bliss, Uplifting, Relaxing, Soothing & so Therapeutic. A massage can help provide both physical and emotional wellness.  We use a Blend of Essential oils and blissful slow light gliding massage movements to help ease tension and relax the body and mind into Sheer Total Bliss.


£25.00 – 30 minutes

These feet are made for walking & they bear the load of our entire body throughout our lives. Our divine Foot Massage helps to unknot, unblock & unravel tortured body tendons using precise pressure techniques to the reflexes of the feet. These may represent most organs & systems of the body to help induce deep relaxation & relief. Give your feet a break; Let our fingers do the walking on your feet!!

Hopi Ear Candling  /  Thermo-Auricular

£35.00 – 45-60 minutes

Helps reduce Headaches / Migraine, Insomnia, Sinusitis, Compacted ear Wax, Tinnitus, Rhinitis, Jet -Leg, General fatigue & Anxiety etc. The ear candles are made from natural tincture extracted ingredients which include Beeswax, Flax, Honey extracts, and some essential aroma essences. The heat and candle ingredients work to cleanse the ear and regulate pressure within the inner ear, forehead and sinuses. It’s very relaxing, calming and creates a balanced feeling. This includes our unique relaxing ear massage to complete the treatment.

Heat Therapy

£30.00 – 30 minutes

Best warming & most effective Therapy! Deeper penetration of heat which provides a gentle pleasant warming effect to help melt away muscular pain & tension. Delightful, Warm and Divine to the body. Heat Therapeutic Massage plus arthritis oils to help Arthritic condition.

Deep Tissue Massage

£25.00 – 30 minutes

Deeper pressure to help unknot tight muscles, help relieve pain and restore regular movement.

Back Neck & Shoulder Massage

£25.00 – 30 minutes

Targeted for specific areas of stress and painful knots causing (MSD) backache etc. due to heavy-duty work schedules and postural problems in the workplace.

Facial Massage

£25.00 – 35 minutes

This is our signature treatment! Sheer Pure Bliss! Our Facial Massages are Exquisite, second to none and in a class of their own! Pamper yourself, you deserve it!

Hand Massage

£20.00 – 30 minutes

Our Blissful hand massage helps to ease pain soothes the muscles. Hand Massage is also good for headaches, neck or back pain & improved circulation This is indulgence at its best!!

Intuitive Readings

£45.00 – 60 minutes

Ever wondered if there is more to life? You might want to come in for a discussion. Shut out the outer world & become present in the moment. Still your footsteps, still your mind, still your body for a little while so that you can Listen & Hear the inner self, which truly resonates with Who You Are and What Really Matters for You. Go on, dare yourself to re-experience inner self – Upliftment, Contentment and Harmony.

Motivational, Inspirational, & Confidence Boosting

At Bliss Fountain, we also offer tailor-made sessions, presentations, and or workshops for individuals, third sector groups, any community groups and any organisations. In these sessions / workshops, we cover and highlight how Self-Motivation, Inspiration, Confidence and Assertiveness, Faith, Belief, and above all, how listening to the Inner self can help any person to be the best they can be in their own Mind, Body and Inner well-being. We pride ourselves in helping our clients “FEEL GOOD”.

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