Motivational, Inspirational & Awareness Sessions

Motivational, Inspirational & Awareness Sessions

fotolia_63971714At Bliss Fountain, we also offer tailor-made sessions, presentations, and or workshops for individuals, third sector groups, any community groups and any organisations. In these sessions / workshops, we cover and highlight how Self-Motivation, Inspiration, Confidence and Assertiveness, Faith, Belief, and above all, how listening to the Inner self can help any person to be the best they can be in their own Mind, Body and Inner well-being. We pride ourselves in helping our clients “FEEL GOOD”.

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We sometimes feel demotivated, restless, & we sometimes experience inexplicable discontentment and dis-ease. And yet sometimes we procrastinate, we stagnate & feel like we are swimming against the current. Sometimes we might feel that we have lost our Mojo and even ask ourselves “Who Am I? What gives me the buzz?”
And yet sometimes it would be ok to remind ourselves that we are more than just the physical body, we also have our emotional body and our higher self to make us whole and wholesome, and well- balanced well- beings.

Maybe you might want to come in for a discussion. Shut out the outer world & become present in the moment. Still your footsteps, still your mind, still your body for a little while so that you can Listen & Hear your Inner – Self, which truly resonates with Who You Are and What Really Matters for You, for your Mind, Body & Soul, your Core Essence, to try & help Reconnect & Glide to unexplored levels of inner self & Inner Peace. Go on, dare yourself to re- experience inner self– Upliftment Contentment & Harmony. Contact us to make an appointment, & more info.