Indian Head Massage is a deep style of healing massage derived from the Ayurvedic tradition that was created in India many years ago, and it focuses on the head, face, shoulders upper back, neck, arms and hands. The massage covers important energy areas in the body, and this helps relieve tension in the muscles, which sometimes manifests as stiff neck, tight shoulders, eye strain, and sometimes even hair loss. Through a variety of different specific Indian Head Massage movements and techniques which include Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction and Percussion, which are all adapted to produce a massage suitable for the client’s needs, the massage helps to release any blocked negative energy in the body that may be manifesting itself as stress, disease (dis-ease) or injury in any one of the seven Chakras the higher energy centres of the body, which pertain to the endocrine system, which governs the secretion of hormones within the body. In the ancient system of Indian medicine, Ayurveda, the chakras also relate to the emotional and spiritual aspects of the energy field of our physical body.

When these chakras are blocked, illness results, and illness may manifest emotionally before it does so in the physical body, as disturbed emotions caused by blockages in the chakras. Our mind, body and spirit are closely connected, if we can relax the mind, the body can heal itself, and if we can clear the blockages in the chakras and increase energy flow, the body can heal itself. The different massage movements are used to applying pressure to certain points on the neck, shoulders and head that correspond to each Chakra (which is a similar approach to that of reflexology). This unblocks the Chakras, and allows for a free flow of energy around the body, restoring the individual to optimum health and feelings of wellbeing, promoting relaxation, calming, and stimulating, invigorating and relieving stress.


At Bliss Fountain Holistic Therapies, we emphasise that Indian Head massage therapy is not intended to replace medical treatments, and it’s not a solution to prevailing medical conditions. If receiving medical treatment or experiencing some of the below listed conditions (not an exhaustive list), clients are seriously urged to get clarification and permission form their GP or doctor or medical specialist, and also if clients are in any doubt, prior to making a booking for the massage therapy.

Some of the Indian Head massage contra indications include:

  • Any condition that is already being treated by a GP or another complementary practitioner, and when taking prescribed medication, and acute rheumatism.
  • Cardio vascular conditions such as history of thrombosis or embolism, phlebitis, Hypertension or Hypotension-High or low blood pressure, heart conditions, Haemophilia.
  • Any dysfunction of the nervous system such as Meningitis, Inflamed nerve, Inflammation of the brain, Muscular sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Motor Neurone Disease, as well as Arthritis/Osteoporosis, Nervous/Psychotic conditions, Trapped/Pinched nerve like sciatica.
  • Recent operations, Metal plates, recent haemorrhage -especially brain, severe Bruising around the treatment area, Skin disorders, Cuts and Abrasions, Head or Neck injury, Scalp Infections and weeping eczema, as well as cold sores .
  • Migraine, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Asthma, Cancer, and also if under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Postural deformities, Spastic conditions, Whiplash, Slipped disc, or if experiencing Undiagnosed Pain, Medical oedema.
  • Haemophilia –( group of hereditary genetic disorders that impair the body’s ability to control blood clotting ),


Indian Head massage usually takes between 30minutes – 60 minutes, and the time can be extended or shortened according to the client’s needs. Normally the first appointment includes a free consultation, where we ask a few questions to help with a better understanding of expected outcome, any current health issues including contraindicated conditions, and all the information is held in the strictest confidence.

The massage is non-invasive, no need to remove any clothing and it will be carried out seated in a massage chair, and client may or may not choose to have use of oils in the hair and on the body, – as client wishes. The massage usually starts at the upper back using deep kneading and compression movements, then move to the shoulders and upper arms, applying appropriate pressure to different pressure points that help dissolve knots and relax the muscles and also help to release tension. The neck and head is massaged to release headache-causing blockages and to encourage better circulation of the cerebral fluid. We then massage the scalp using the different massage movements to help relax the entire head, as well as stimulate and revive this whole area. The whole scalp is massaged to encourage circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the whole area, revitalizing the brain, body, and help stimulation of hair growth. If client wishes, we can also do a gentle face massage that focuses on draining techniques and light stroking specific pressure points on the face to help relieve symptoms of stress, sinusitis, headaches, facial muscle tension, and this also encourages good circulation which helps with a glowing complexion calm and tranquillity.


Because the Indian Head Massage works on the physical pressure points as well as the higher energy pressure points which are the chakras, all organs and endocrine glands in the head and neck benefit, and quensequently, there is a subsequent cascade of improved benefit in the rest of the body as all endocrine glands elsewhere respond to the improved function of those in the head and neck.

Some of the benefits of Indian Head Massage include:

  • Indian head Massage helps to combat sleeplessness, restlessness, insomnia, symptoms of sinusitis. It helps relieve mental fatigue, thus creating a feeling of balance and calm, a feeling of improved and better concentration, which in turn promotes clearer thinking, as well as clarity. It relaxes and soothes tense eye muscles, and this helps to relieve tired eyes and eye strain.
  • The head massage Increases lymphatic flow and also the blood flow to the head, neck and shoulders enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients via the arterial circulation and the removal of waste via the venous return. The increased blood flow prompts an increased lymphatic drainage of toxins being flushed out of the body system. This improves and helps detoxifying the body by stimulating lymphatic drainage and relieving built up tension and also a release of stagnant energy stimulating a healthier immune system as well as restoration of the energy flow to the body. This in turn encourages cell regeneration, healthy hair growth, thus improving the condition of the skin and scalp. Sinuses are also drained more expediently through the increased blood and lymph flow.
  • Indian Head Massage helps to slow down and deepen breathing, and this in turn slows down the heart rate which helps reduce blood pressure. It also helps to soothe symptoms of asthma by calming the respiratory system.
  • It improves circulation, which in turn increases energy levels, and boosts immunity, as well as boosts cerebral spinal fluid circulation. It helps and relieves Mandibular Joint Tension and helps increase muscle tone. In general this reduces spasms, restrictions, and adhesions in the muscle fibres.

Some of the overall Mental Health benefits of Indian Head Massage include:

  • Indian Massage helps to lift up the mood, it helps reduce emotional stress and repressed feelings.
  • Relieving symptoms of anxiety, depression stress and relaxation.
  • Improving concentration levels, and Boosting memory capabilities.
  • Renewing energy levels, increasing feelings of peace, calm and wellbeing.


Whether one choses to have oils or no massage oils used during the Indian Head Massage, it is advisable to bring a hair brush, and if long hair, a hair band, or a hat to wear on the way home from the massage session.

If possible, wear a short sleeved shirt, or a T- shirt, or loose fitting clothes

After the session, some clients might feel light headedness, increase in mucus production from the nasal passages; sometimes increased passing of water, and these effects might be an indication of the healing process taking place in the body. We would recommend sitting down for a few minutes to help the body align back, taking some rest and drinking water to boost the lymphatic drainage to flush out the toxins.